Health Care Providers Can Use Design Thinking to Improve Patient Experiences

Harvard Business Review


Kim, S.H., Myers, C.G., & Allen, L. (2017, August). Health care providers can use design thinking to improve patient experiences. Harvard Business Review, Digital article.


شارون كيم,[Kim], كريستوفر مايرز [Myers], ليزا ألين. [Allen] (2019, September). يمكن لمؤسسات الرعاية الصحية استخدام التفكير التصميمي من أجل تحسين تجربة المرضى Harvard Business Review Arabia.التفكير-التصميمي-والصحة


Design thinking has taken hold in health care, leading to the development of new products and improved design of spaces. Yet it remains underused in addressing other important challenges, such as patient transportation, communication issues between clinicians and patients, and differential treatment of patients due to implicit bias, to name just a few. If more leaders embrace design thinking, they can leverage a deeper understanding of patients to solve such problems, achieving better clinical outcomes, improved patient experience, and lower costs along the way.