Vicarious Learning

Vicarious Learning in the Time of Coronavirus

*Behavioral Science & Policy*

Learning as a Strategy for Organizational Change: Insights from Healthcare

Keynote Speaker for the KA Connect 2020 Knowledge Management Conference (*Cancelled/postponed due to COVID-19 outbreak*)

Performance Benefits of Reciprocal Vicarious Learning in Teams

*Academy of Management Journal*

Vicarious Learning and Storytelling in Organizations

Invited Speaker for Harvard Learning Innovations Laboratory Gathering

How Did You Do That? Exploring the Motivation to Learn from Others' Exceptional Success

*Academy of Management Discoveries*

Building a Strong Learning Culture

Moderator for CLO Panel at the Consero Corporate Learning & Development Forum

Panelist: The Impact of AI and Future Technologies on a Learning Organization

Academic Panelist for the Defense Information Systems Agency

Association Between Team Learning Behavior and Reduced Burnout Among Medicine Residents

*Journal of General Internal Medicine*

Coactive Vicarious Learning: Toward a Relational Theory of Vicarious Learning in Organizations

*Academy of Management Review*

To Cope with Stress, Try Learning Something New

*Harvard Business Review*

Panelist: An Academic View of Knowledge Management, Information Management, Data Management, Document & Records Management, and Customer Relationship Management

Academic Panelist for the Defense Information Systems Agency

Social Media as a Platform for Surgical Learning: Use and Engagement Patterns Among Robotic Surgeons

*Annals of Surgery*